Monday, March 26, 2007

Parasites in Humans

Most people are not aware of the danger to their health posed by parasites; nevertheless, if one looks in the right places, one can find a lot of literature on the subject of parasites and the harmful effects they can produce.

Well over 80% of patients checked have some type of parasite or bacteria and the slight inflammation of the abdomen, and unrelated pains and aches which indicate the presence of parasites.

For instance, in a pamphlet put out by a medical manufacturer in America, we read: “Colon therapy has an anthelmintic action (this means parasites are removed). We find that over 90% of the people we examine in our clinics have some form of parasites. The most common of all are tapeworms. Our skilled technicians report seeing green, brown, grey, yellow and white ones, and various combinations. Patients report seeing pieces of tapeworm in the toilet bowl, varying from a few inches to a few feet. (The longest one reported was 57 inches.) Various other parasites are seen, including hook worms pin worms, whip worms and many other exotic forms. Tapeworms are usually beef, pork or fish variety.

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