Friday, April 20, 2007

Rainforests are home to two-thirds of all the living animal and plant species on the planet. It is guessed that many hundreds of millions of new plants and insects are still un-discovered. Tropical rain forests are called the “jewels of the earth”, and the “world’s largest medicine cabinet” because of the large amount of natural medicines discovered there. Tropical rain forests are also often called the “Earth’s lungs”. Even with the growth of plants in a rainforest, the actual quality of the soil is often quite bad. Fast decay stops nutrients from collecting.

The under growth in a rainforest is usually very dark, because the trees block the sun. This makes it possible for people and other animals to walk through the forest. If the trees are cut down, the ground beneath is filled with vines, shrubs and small trees called jungle.

This site is pretty good on any information about the Rain Forest


Jessica said...

Rainforests are beautiful. It doesn't surprise me that they add so much to our environment with the wide diversity of plant and animal life. I hope I can visit a rainforest someday.

Angela Ward said...

It is so amazing to read about the amount of medicinal purposes that these rain forests have to offer.

With so many new species being found on such a regular basis, it makes you wonder what is still yet to be found.

One of the most beautiful aspects of science is the fact that it offers us the ability to constantly discover new information that we can then analyze and apply to our lives.

Hopefully; however, we can continue this process without detrimenting the natural cycle of this great biome.