Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The World We Want

The world we want, one that few have seen,
At times wild and brutal, at times so serene.
A place where life abounds in every shape and size,
Where miracles seem to happen right before our eyes.

A garden paradise with "flowers" that can walk
There's even some creatures that know how to talk,
Also some animals not seen by the eye
And fabulous fishes that know how to fly.

It has its own mountains and rivers down below
Still hiding some secrets that we may never know.
For millions of years it's cared for its own
And would for millions more if it were left alone.

But man pollutes its waters and dumps his garbage there,
Spills oil on its surface and doesn't seem to care
That oceanic fisheries have collapsed in many places,
Because of overfishing and the lack of protected spaces.

So man destroys marine life all because of greed,
And treats the sea as if it were something we don't need.
If this persists those fish stories told from shore to shore
May someday be nothing more than part of our folklore.

1 comment:

Angela Ward said...

What a true and elaborate picture you have painted with these words. Awsome poem Matt!

I have enjoyed reading your BLOG. I thought your choice of topics; as well as, the graphics and pictures you used to support them created a very nice flow and kept your BLOG very interesting.

You created a very simple, yet elegant BLOG, that was extremely inviting and immediately sparked the interest of your visitors.

Your recent posts are wonderful additions to what was already a well thought out and strategically designed BLOG, that offered a plethora of information to educate your visitors.

I think you did a great job!